Haha. Well…

I just published the new site tonight. I was publishing it to a domain/test folder on my ftp, but it went to the main directory instead and wrote over a few wordpress files that were holding up the old site. I could easily turn it back to the way it was, (backups are your friend) but I’m actually going to leave it and just continue working on it piece by piece. Onward and Upward.

I started reading Stephen Pressfield’s The War of Art today. What an invigorating read. Exciting times. I know I probably need to reel things in a bit, maybe. Too many ideas for projects all at the same time. I need to make certain I finish things. Might have to start a schedule for all this stuff.

I should emphasize, with some of these projects I know if I wait a year or two longer the drawings will be a lot better than I can currently produce. I’ve played that “not good enough right now” game too many times. I’d always lose. You end up postponing what you think is the good stuff and then quickly lose interest in the not so good stuff you’re working on and end up playing video games for a year, and neither the good or even the not so good stuff ever get made. fuck it. I’m working on the good stuff now, cuz you know what comes after good stuff? Better stuff.



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